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3 year old will not use the potty!

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bethh29 Wed 22-Mar-17 16:33:41

I am so desperate for some advice! My son just turned 3 this month and I've had the potty out for about 6 months and I've been very relaxed about it. He's just turned 3 and everyone is pressuring me to have him potty trained (I'm a first time mum!) everyone is telling me he's ready even the nursery. Next month he changes nursery to go to the school nursery and they have said they expect him to be dry. So for the past few weeks I've had him in pants (everyone advised me too) and I've been trying to get him to go on the potty or the toilet (we have a step and the little toilet seat bit) At nursery he would be dry all day (not going to toilet but also not going in his nappy) and then wee in his nappy when he got home, since putting him in pants all he does is wee! He's not holding it like he was before, he's having accidents every half hour, he won't go near the potty or toilet and if he does he hops straight off after 30 seconds. I'm so stressed I could cry! I know it's not going to happen over night but I just can't get him to make any progress. I'm so worried about him, I can't stand the thought of him having loads of accidents and being uncomfortable all the time when he goes to nursery school but they won't let him wear a pull up. Please any advice or tips will be so appreciated! Can I just add that I know every child is different and they do it in their own time but I really do feel like I'm doing something wrong!

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Zumbarunswim Thu 30-Mar-17 19:12:06

No advice from me just sympathy although my nursery will let them go in nappies just won't change them. I too think they just do it when they ready and my son hates the potty and toilet but holds it for a while. I think he's physically ready but not mentally. sadshame on those that are pressuring you! This is my 3rd and the first 2 I toilet trained once they were 3 using bribery. Bribery hasn't worked with my 3rd tho. Every child is different!

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