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How to encourage potty training....

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TootsieBootsie Wed 15-Mar-17 11:11:49

My DD is 2.5 and I'm just wandering if anyone has gently encouraged potty training with their LOs?
Just had a baby so left it as I know the regress with babies about etc but was hoping by being the "big girl/sister " / babies wear nappies, it would spur it on.
For purely selfish reasons I'd like to get it done. She knows when she needs to go to the toilet, just stubbornly refuses to use potty or toilet. She hides when she needs to poo!
I'm not pushing it as I don't want it to go the other way and make it traumatic.
I've got a sticker chart and presents for using potty but she's not bothered!
Should I just leave it until she decides? Any advice greatly appreciated.

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