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Fully trained 3yo stopped using toilet!!!! Help!!!!

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Badger33 Thu 09-Mar-17 19:00:35

My three and a half year old son has been completely toilet trained for 18mths. Since Christmas he seems to have given up using the toilet. Regularly wets himself, sometimes poos as well. We'll have a couple of weeks where he remembers what he's supposed to do and I think we're over it....then back to square one. This week he's had constant accidents. Today he did several wees in the loo voluntarily, then this afternoon he had an accident. I changed him, told him not to do it again....literally 10 minutes later he'd done it again. I'm at my wits' end because I know he can do it! We've tried rewarding him when he does go to the loo, constant reminding and telling him to go. Nothing is going in. Is he just being lazy because there's so many more exciting things to do than go to the toilet?! He's my third child, I've never encountered this before. Someone please help me!!!

thethoughtfox Thu 09-Mar-17 20:09:37

Mine did the same but not accidentally, deliberately. Pooping in the corner. I think partly because they didn't want to stop playing and partly because they liked to see what they made! It's taken weeks and weeks of using 'Mummy's stern voice' or sounding disappointed and reminding but it seems to be getting better.

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