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Drynites PJ pants and still wet bed twice a night!

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speak2me Thu 02-Mar-17 14:21:59

DS1 is 4.5, dry in day since 3, had a run of a few dry nights but usually is wet every night. He's been in Huggies Drynites (4-7yo) for a few months (he weighs 20kg and is big for his age), but recently we are having to change the bed once or twice every night as they either seem to be leaking or just not containing the wee!
We have dinner at 6pm so he has a drink then, asleep by 7:30pm, we get him up at 10pm for the toilet but sometimes he and the bed are already soaked! He'll do a wee but then could be wet in the morning too.
Sometimes it seems like the nappy is hardly wet but the bed is soaked - yet the nappy fits, his Willy is pointing down in it etc.
Anyone had any similar problems or advice for using different products? Just getting fed up of all the washing and it probably won't end soon as DMIL said DH was quite late with being dry at night!

Hullabaloo31 Thu 02-Mar-17 14:26:00

My boy is just 5 and just now starting to get good runs of dry nights, but then he'll get knackered from school and sleep deeply and wet again.
I tried the huggies things and feklt he may as well not have been wearing anything, they didn't hold a thing. Similar with any type of pull up. He's in a size 6 nappy and has been for a couple of years. It's become a pain when he does in the night needing a wee but less of a pain than constantly wet beds and a tired boy from waking wet.

Hullabaloo31 Thu 02-Mar-17 14:27:29

*wake in the night

speak2me Thu 02-Mar-17 14:40:40

Thanks Hulla. DS was in 6+ nappies whilst potty training and they don't fit anymore, it might be worth trying to find bigger ones, I wouldn't know where to start looking though! Glad I'm not the only one who has had this problem with the Drynites. And my DS is similar with the run of dry nights - if he's I'll he will be dry as he doesn't sleep as well, but normally he sleeps heavily ap just doesn't wake up.

SheepyFun Thu 02-Mar-17 14:43:11

DD is just 4, and we're in a similar position. We use Tesco 6+ nappies at night. Sometimes she overflows, but usually not. She weighed 20kg last year (though is now about 18 kg), and Tesco recently redesigned the tabs that close them to make them easier to get round a larger stomach. Hope that helps!

Hullabaloo31 Thu 02-Mar-17 14:46:13

I've seen bigger nappies recommended on Amazon on another forum I go on, it just seems to be something about the way they fit vs a pull-up.
Although to be fair my lad doesn't fully 'wet' anymore, he just seems to drip-drip-drip when he's full.

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