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Night time accidents - return to nappies? What's normal?

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handsfree Tue 28-Feb-17 08:46:41

Ds is 5.5. I am not at all fussed about night time dryness as I understand it will happen when it happens.
Ds has been having the odd dry nappy at night, and then about 3 weeks ago he had a run of 5 in a row and announced that he wanted to not wear a nappy at night any more. So he's been out of nappies for about 2 weeks. He had an accident about 5 days later, no problem. Then another few dry nights. However, he's now had an accident the last two nights in a row. This morning was at 5.15 so he didn't manage to go back to sleep again either, and this is a child who does need his sleep!
I'm going to see what happens tonight, if there's another accident I'm thinking of saying to him I don't think he's quite ready and maybe we should go back to nappies for a bit? It feels like a step backwards though, so I just wondered what sort of level of accidents people experienced at this stage and how long for?

AreWeThereYet000 Tue 28-Feb-17 08:58:20

My DS was 3 in September and after a few dry nappy nights around December we took him out and of nappies throughout the night... he had a good run been dry and then a few days in a row with accidents and I felt the same but persevered...he is now 90% dry at night I think putting him back in nappies would have set him back, but each child is different so do what you feel is right, this is just my experience.

If you persevere a few tips
- mattress protector that can just be changed every few accidents
- have a clean flat sheet/pj bottoms somewhere easily accessible so that it's a quick bed change and hopefully you will get him back to settle
- don't get mad eg. Babies wet the bed. Babies need nappies etc flip it so never mind we will try again big boys wear pants to sleep in and wake for the toilet

Good luck xx

MsMarvel Tue 28-Feb-17 09:01:27

I think at that age if he doesn't want to be in nappies, then don't. Its an age where he is possibly now embarrassed by it.

Dsd is 8 and still has occasional accidents. We bought a waterproof mattress and it was the best thing we have ever bought. Took all the stress of soggy stained mattress out of the equation. Simply strip, wipe and remake.

Newyearnewbrain Tue 28-Feb-17 09:25:35

One brilliant tip I read was to layer mattress, protective sheet, bed sheet, protective sheet and bed sheet. So if there's an accident, just whip off the top sheet and you're ready to go with a dry set underneath.

Useful for 3.30 changing sessions.

handsfree Tue 28-Feb-17 11:02:17

We have a waterproof cover on his mattress, and I keep one of those dry nite pads on there as well, so no worries about the mattress getting damaged. I am definitely layering his bed tonight and I'll stick a duvet cover on his spare duvet so I can just switch those over quickly as well.
He's not been particularly bothered by the accidents, it's mainly the affect on his sleep that worries me as he is just a nightmare when he's tired.
But I don't want to put him back in nappy if I can help it. I think I'll leave it a bit longer then and see what happens!

Newyearnewbrain Tue 28-Feb-17 12:06:22

Yes good plan. DD1, 6 still has accidents now and again. Just one of those things. She wasn't properly dry at night until just after Christmas. I just let it ride.

DD2, 4 is showing zero signs of being dry at night. I think they're just late in this area. I guess some kids are.

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