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DD 8 NEVER had a dry night

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GatherlyGal Mon 27-Feb-17 14:32:06

I'm really not sure what to do about DD. Her brother was slow to be dry at night (about 7 or 8) so she's not really thought much about wearing pull-ups. She's even managed sleepovers by sneaking her pull up on under PJ's.

A school residential is approaching and she's stressing about it and really doesn't want to go - although she does want to go and can't bear to be the only kid who doesn't.

I made a doctors appointment but she had a colossal melt-down and refused to go so i cancelled it.

Should I go to the GP without her? Ring the practice nurse? She is wet every single night. Even when she goes to bed really late she's wet within an hour or 2 .

DS was late to be dry but was only wet occasionally for the last couple of years - I feel like DD is no where near it.

Any advice gratefully received.

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TheFurryMenace Mon 27-Feb-17 14:41:48, would be a good place to start. There are several reasons why a child might take longer to be dry at night. I really feel for your DD, I wasnt dry until I was about 14. There is lots that a really good doctor experienced in children's bladder and bowel health can do. Where I work, we have a specialist service in the community, so we are very lucky, but you might not have this where you live. Best to ask your GP. Go on your own if you need to without DD.

Please let your DD know that she is not alone and that there is a lot of help out there, and more importantly, she will get there. Reassure her that it is no reflection on her, and it is just the way her body is working at the moment. I remember my mum was mostly great, but used to get fed up and angry (understandably) with all the flipping washing, but I wish she'd kept quiet and soldiered on, it really made me feel lousy about the bedwetting, as there was nothing I could do about it myself.

Nothing really worked for me (but we are talking 70/80s so a lot has moved on since then. My difficulty was a mixture of my bladder not waking me at night when it was full, having a small bladder (I still wake several times a night to go to the loo!), and sleeping so deeply I did not wake.

Good luck OP, give her a great big hug and make her feel good about everything else that she's great at.

GatherlyGal Mon 27-Feb-17 14:53:29

Thanks Furry. She doesn't worry about it usually it's just the trip coming up.

I will go and see the GP and see what they say.

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TheFurryMenace Mon 27-Feb-17 18:30:44

I had a quick look on the ERIC website and they have a helpline if you don't get much joy out of your GP.

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