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Not ready but wont wear his nappy...sick of scrubbing the carpet.

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Jamhandprints Mon 20-Feb-17 16:34:49

Ds and I did toilet training in the summer hols and he was doing well by the end (2.5) as long as I reminded him. But then at the end of the hols he started doing all wees and poos on the carpet and asking for his nappy. So he went back into nappies and I have sometimes said "do you want pants today?" or "do you want to try a wee in the pot" if I see his nappy is dry.
Then this week he keeps taking his own nappy off after he's weed or pooed... or in the middle of it which caused a lot of mess. I gave him some pants this afternoon and he was pleased but instantly weed through them onto the floor, even though I said "do you need a wee in the pot?" before I put them on.
What can I do? He doesn't know when he needs to go so I'd like to give him more time but he won't keep his nappy on.
How can I stop myself getting cross when it's the seventh carpet scrub of the day?
He's 3.1 now.

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