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Signs of readiness

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teaandbiscuitsforme Mon 13-Feb-17 12:51:17

Is it much easier to train when a child can tell you before they wee or does that come with training?

DD is 22 months so I know this is very early. I didn't particularly want to get into potty training yet as I've got 5 week old DS but she is resisting nappies more and more. She can say wee and poo and let's me know as she's doing one but she's not telling me in advance. Do I need to wait for that stage? She's generally in cloth so knows when they're wet or dirty. She's also quite happy to sit on the potty but rarely does anything other than at nursery where she often does something because the others are.

Basically should I go for it or wait a few months and continue the nappy battle?

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