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Crappy mess!

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misshappy88 Wed 08-Feb-17 21:05:47

Oh we're getting our toddler out of nappies and I'm trusting him throughout the day to tell me when he needs the toilet.... weeing is fine he goes and stands up so that's not a problem.... but tonight I'd bathed him and put him in his jarmies with no nappy to which he then went and did a poo in his lovely fresh pants ( wasn't putting nappy on until bedtime)grin I had to clean this up which was tricky and a mess but as he was going up the stairs for a second bath I said watch it baby you have a little on your foot telling him to stop so I could wipe it...... he carried on haha I said sarcastically thanks and the little monkey replied your welcome!!!!! It's all a learning curve and I told him we all have accidents but he lightens the mood being his funny old self xxxx

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Scotty3 Fri 10-Feb-17 21:59:58

found this on an australian website....its prettty funny...
i can certainly relate lol

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