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Sudden poo habit in 3 yr old. Why???

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DrizzleHair Mon 30-Jan-17 17:15:48

Potty trained DD at 2+3, a year ago. Went textbook. A few accidents early on but mainly wee. Within a month or 2 she was pretty reliable.

Now at 3+4 she's suddenly started having regular wee accidents and now pooing herself too. From not a single poo accident in 10 or 11 months since training, she's done about 5 in the last fortnight.

Any ideas what this is all about?

There are some changes afoot, I'm 5 months pregnant plus we moved house last summer. But she's known about pregnancy for 2 months, and house move was ages ago!

It's like she's got lazy and stopped listening out for her inner poo voice. Or maybe she's just really engrossed in play at the moment so ignores the early warning signs. She does have a great imagination and play intensely with various toys.

So what can I do? So far I've been pretty chilled and said 'oops, that's a shame', and asked her to try and pay attention to her body more next time. I don't want to punish her.


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