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Just turned 2 - dry at night?

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RetroHippy Thu 26-Jan-17 09:20:04

DS has recently cracked potty training (all poos in the potty for a week or so, pretty reliable out & about unless he's very distracted).

His nap time nappies are dry, so I've stopped bothering as it just seems a waste of a nappy. He is now waking and asking to wee in the potty at night. If he does, his nappy is dry in the morning, then he goes for a wee first thing.

He is only 25 months confused I started potty training by just sitting him on the loo like he'd seen me do, mainly to save the carpet pre- and post-bath time. It kind of went from there and was led by him, so I've not pushed it.

He's never consistently slept through, and I'm now wondering if he's been waking when he wees for months?

Has anyone got any experience of this so early? I wasn't expecting night dryness for a good while yet, so don't really know where to go from here. Do I lift him before I go to bed while sticking with pull-ups and see how we go?

hopefully whispers Is there a chance that this could actually get him sleeping through?!

Dewowby Thu 26-Jan-17 09:22:38

Yes! But the night time training stopped and started for there to nearly three in phases for us, Day time was sorted at 25 months too.
I'd lift when you go to bed if it doesn't wake him too much. And cut late drinks. Unless he really really wants them. He's only small yet.

Rinceoir Thu 26-Jan-17 09:27:23

My DD was dry by day soon after turning 2, and like your DS was dry at night almost immediately. We stopped putting on night time nappies after a few weeks and she's had very few night time accidents(maybe 5 in 7 months).

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