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19 month old and dry morning nappies

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Ellarose85 Thu 26-Jan-17 07:48:20

My 19 month old DS has woken up with a dry nappy every morning this week. He will then flood the fresh nappy that I put on him.

He is eating and drinking well and is well in himself.

Could this be a sign to start to introduce him to the potty when I get him up in the morning?

I thought he would be a fair bit older before we started potty training as he is still so young!

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NuffSaidSam Thu 26-Jan-17 20:07:53

Dry nappies are usually a sign that they are ready for potty training.

I would try and sit him on the potty/loo in the morning before you put the new nappy on and just see what happens. He is very young so don't push it if he isn't psychologically ready yet, but no harm in just sitting him on there and giving it a go. It's also a good idea to sit them on the potty pre-bath, again just to see what happens.

If he can/does wee in the potty consistently for a few day/a week then I would push on with potty training. If he doesn't/can't/is scared/bored/just doesn't want to sit there, keep the nappies and revisit in 6 months or so.

Pestilentialone Thu 26-Jan-17 20:10:58

DD did this, I used to pop her on the toilet and chat while I got ready, within a week she stopped wearing nappies at night. If only DS1 and 2 had been the same.

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