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Second potty training regression

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peachpearplum01 Wed 25-Jan-17 15:40:01

My dd is 3.3 and we started potty training when she was 2.4. She nailed it pretty quickly initially
although a little slower to master poos - we got there in 2-3 weeks after all. Then a few months later a full regression where she seemed to forget everything - apart from nursery where she was fine. Tried everything - rewards, reminders, ignoring it - then a couple of months later it clicked again and she was fine. No accidents for about two months until now .... she's started holding her wee almost all day and then wetting herself in a massive flood mid / late afternoon a few days ago. This has also coincided with horrendous tantrums and refusing to let me change her when out so I have to go home with her jn wet clothes in the freezing cold. I really
thought we had turned a corner and
camt face this again - a world of being worried about going out and to friends / family's houses and everything smelling of wee sad. Anyone had multiple regressions? I guess we just have to wait this one out as well?
Have tried reminding her and taking her to toilet but we thought it might be a power thing before so wanted her to tell us when she needs a wee. I'm not sure if she knows, or
has somehow lost the urge/signal to

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bitteroldhag Wed 25-Jan-17 17:50:47

Put her in nappies when you are out, This stage won't last forever and it's the easiest way to remedy the situation, it's also better than wet pants if she won't let you change her and easier to change if she does let you.

I know that it seems like a bit step back doing this, but she herself has taken the step backwards, not you.

Also book an appointment with the doctor to check for a urine infection.

Good luck.

Theaprilfool Mon 30-Jan-17 16:11:27

I agree with bitter above, when you are out use pullups, it stops a lot of fighting and power control battles.

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