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19 month old ...

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Fairy45 Tue 17-Jan-17 18:18:00

So my lo has always come to the loo with me and about a month ago i started changing her nappy in the bathroom and throwing poo down the loo to get her used to thats where poo goes. Then she flushes and washes her hands.
A few weeks ago in the bath she shouted poo poo so i said do you want to sit on the big girls toilet and she did and pretended to poo so now n then she asks to sit on it and i let her. 2 nights ago she weed on the loo before bath.
This eve we were playing and she said poo poo and ran to the bathroom. Knowing she hadnt done 1 i stripped her and sat her on the loo and she did it on there.
Whats my next course of action here. Keep her in nappies and let her do more n more on the loo? TIA

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