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Holding on to poo

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JaxingJump Wed 11-Jan-17 15:46:57

My 2.4 yr old has just started potty training on Monday. She's going great, a bit too well in fact. She's holding on to her pee and poo. Luckily I can get her to relax and pee on the toilet. She also tells me well when she needs it. But she was a prolific pooer (average 5 times a day) before Monday and not a single one since the nappy came off. I thought she'd go in her night nappy but since Monday she hasn't even peed in her night nappy. I admire her control but the lack of poo is increasingly worrying. Today I sat and read books and blew bubbles together while she sat on the loo a few times and she eventually did a huge pee each time but no poo still. I can see she's stressed even when the pee starts as she panics and tries to hold but we're working on that with praise and fun and reassurance. Did anyone find a good way to encourage them to relax and poo?

SaveFerris1 Wed 11-Jan-17 16:09:01

No good advice, but my friends wee boy held his poo in for days and then played on our trampoline........grin

JaxingJump Wed 11-Jan-17 16:15:34

Lol SaveFerris.

Off to Amazon to buy a trampoline....

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