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potty training issues

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hayzena1990 Tue 10-Jan-17 18:49:50

Please help... My son is 2 years old and hes been potty trained for about 4 months but he wont popp on the toilet which he would ask for a nappy. he had trouble popping and it hurt him coming out one time and now he refuses to go full stop. he will run up and down the hallway asking me to change him but theres nothing to change. he complains of a bellyache all day everyday and he goes for up to 4 days atleast before passing. ive tried juices, veg and fruits. i also gave him lactoluse which i bought from the pharmacy he has a doctors appointment tommorow. im at wits end and im so worried as it could lead to something worse any advice is appriciated i just need to know its a normal thing they go through. i never rushed him to be potty trained hes brother is 4 and he likes to copy everything he does he loves hes little pants. thankyou

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