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Any tips on helping a 4 year old through soiled accidents?

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pooproblems2 Thu 15-Dec-16 20:02:17

We are looking at his diet as he does have very soft poos, so he's currently dairy free to see if it helps and if not we'll consider something else he might be intolerant to. However I'm sure an element of it is behavioural. He has hardly ever told us that he needs to go for a poo. Successful days are always down to one of us telling him to go or him being able to hold it until he's on the toilet. He just doesn't seem to want to ask. I do think he knows when he needs to go. If I'm with him at the time he freezes and looks at me with his 'poo face' then I rush him to the loo. If I don't pick up on it that's when the accidents happen. He nearly always has a soiled accident at pre-school. I've tried rewards when he goes, lots of praise, special pants, stickers etc. I try not to make a big deal out of the accidents but I'm so frustrated I'm sure he picks up on it. I've talked to him about it loads but he just tells me what I want to hear and nothing changes. Is there anything I can do? It been going on so long I just hate that he's this big now and nothing has improved

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