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Help please! 5.5yr soils herself!

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IAmAPaleontologist Sat 10-Dec-16 17:35:01

Try not to think of pull ups as a step back, if she never has been dry then it is isn't changing anything. Good pull ups in all the supermarkets. Depending on size she may still fit lidl size 6 which are good, otherwise the pampers underjams or huggies drynites both go up to teenager in size. My almost 8 year old dd wears drynites and 4 year old ds is in lidl size 5.

Crumbs1 Sat 10-Dec-16 17:16:06

If it's leaking liquid faeces it's likely to be constipation. That figures with encopresis too. Go to GP and ask for paediatric referral.

Toomanycats99 Sat 10-Dec-16 17:08:11

If she's fine in holidays it could be something she has at school but not at home.

Toomanycats99 Sat 10-Dec-16 17:07:31

My daughter had leaking. Again This only started just after starting school. Hers is fructose intolerance. So no dried fruits squash yoghurt.

Pixiesx3 Sat 10-Dec-16 16:42:37

Thank u ! She only started it half way through reception and can be fine in school holidays so it's unlikely good allergy I think . We have questioned deit though . I Will also look at Eric I think we need some older pull ups for night the old ones were to small although after 18m feels like a huge step bk ! 😖

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IAmAPaleontologist Sat 10-Dec-16 13:56:02

I think you need to separate out the wet nights and the poo. Being dry at night is hormonal and it is completely normal for her to not be dry at night and shouldn't be a concern until at least the age of seven. I know it is frustrating but go back to pull ups at night and take that stress away.

Then you'll be able to see what you are dealing with. Take a look at ERIC, it is a great resource and you'll find some guidance there. A common cause of little bits of poo coming out is constipation.

dontcrynow Sat 10-Dec-16 13:45:32

Could it be a dietary problem? My dd suffered this and after several years of soiling we discovered the culprit was lactose intolerance. Once we cut out all milk products from her diet the problem disappeared.

Pixiesx3 Sat 10-Dec-16 13:26:52

Hi I'm very lost as to what to do all tips welcome ! I feel ive tried everything!
My lg potty trained well at 18 m always a big amounts of wees! She was never dry at night and I used night time pull ups but knickers in the day, once in reception I removed them and Have delt with the soaking pillow , sheet , waterproof sheet, quilt cover and quit every night 😖 this got better after 6 months but is still up and down this week 3 wet 4 dry. She is lifted at 10 no drinks after 6 ect. She also started letting some poo out in her knickers , not all of it just enough to smell and stain everything. This mostly happens at school who are of the veiw she's half way through yr 1 all they can do is ask her. I have tried ignoring it , stickers, charts even money to go to build a bear! Nothing works . But she over summer had two accident and about 3 dry nights! We are seeing the nurse not much help tbh. Feel completey lost and with baby no 3 on the way need this sorting ! Thank u!

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