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2.5 year old asking to use the toilet

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Thesofaisnotatrampoline Sun 04-Dec-16 14:00:24

My 2.5 year old DS has been asking to wee in the potty and the toilet recently. I think he hears other children say it at nursery and also my two nieces, one of whom is being potty trained at the moment aged 3. He knows when he's wet and has made lots of progress lately with speech generally and taking trousers off etc.

Only thing is, I was planning to wait until the Summer. We are moving 200 miles away in 6 weeks and DC2 is arriving in April, so it just feels like it might be a bit much for him/encourage regression next year.

However - if he is ready now I didn't want to necessarily discourage him.


Background - we did some potty practise last summer and he did a wee in the potty 4 days in a row, but told me he needed a wee while we were out on the 4th day, which I wasn't really expecting! I hadn't brought anything with me so I said he could just wee in his nappy, and then he wouldn't wee in the potty again. So I think I need to either do it 100% or wait a bit longer.

Is it best to keep him in nappies until we've got through the move and sibling arrival first though??

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pinkblink Sun 04-Dec-16 14:02:16

Try him and see, if he is ready there's no point holding back

Goingtobeawesome Sun 04-Dec-16 14:03:07

No it isn't best to keep him in nappies when he's clearly telling you he's ready.

angryangryyoungwoman Sun 04-Dec-16 14:04:53

If he's asking, let him!

Mrscog Sun 04-Dec-16 14:05:48

The thing is next summer is quite a long way away - if it was a few weeks I'd say yes. If you're not moving for 6 weeks that's still a long time to crack it. I'd give it a concerted go for a week and see how you go. If he doesn't crack it really well then leave it for a bit, but I'd have another go before your dc2 arrives - we potty trained DS1 3 weeks before DC2 arrived and it worked out fine - he was older (3.1) but it took literally 3 days and then he was sorted.

Thesofaisnotatrampoline Sun 04-Dec-16 19:31:11

Yikes. I might give it a try in the next week or two then. Main issue is finding a free day in the run up to Christmas!

I've ordered some big boy pants, a Paw Patrol potty and some reward stickers tonight... if he's not ready we can always postpone until after the move, but I feel like it seems wrong to tell him just to wee in his nappy if he's actually asking to use the potty.

It may be linked to him being allowed to watch the ipad on the potty last time.... might try and phase that out this time, or accept that we will be sat on the bathroom floor a lot for the foreseeable future ;)

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Goingtobeawesome Sun 04-Dec-16 20:48:56

Just start tomorrow. Stop making it a big deal. Your DC clearly doesn't think it is which is half the battle.

Thesofaisnotatrampoline Mon 05-Dec-16 07:48:02

The thing is Goingtobeawesome, it is a big deal for me. I've not done it before so I'm working it all out at the moment. And I'm not sure you can tell what my DC 'clearly' is and isn't ready for as you don't know him, but anyway, we're going to give it a try on weds grin

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Goingtobeawesome Mon 05-Dec-16 08:07:54

Just going by what you've said it feels like he's ready to me. I know it's hard but sometimes the kids show the way.
Leave you to it now anyway.

starsinyourpies Mon 05-Dec-16 10:45:58

I really recommend the Gina Ford book, if your child is ready it is done in a week (worked for us bar the occasional poo in pants for a couple of weeks).

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