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5.5 yr old still in nappies.... advice pls

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Adoptingachild Fri 02-Dec-16 19:29:58

My DD, who don't get me wrong, has had major health issues and spent 12 months in hospital. We have been home 5 months now but she really is not interested in potty training.

A tiny tiny bit is our fault too as she's on 15 meds a day still and some interfere with her stomach and bowels and she sometimes needs nappies, but she is showing zero interest in the potty or toilet. If you put her on the potty she will do a wee but won't go on her own accord or know when the urge to go is.

Any advice pls

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DearMrDilkington Fri 02-Dec-16 19:33:57

Honestly? I'd just leave her be for a while. Sounds like you've all had a hard time lately, just wait for her to be interested in potty training.
Maybe get her some nice knickers and books about potty training from Santa to see if it helps her have more interest.

How long will she be on the meds for?

Adoptingachild Sat 03-Dec-16 07:04:47

At least till march which will be a year post her bone marrow transplant maybe longer.... confused

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JustAnotherSadOldNumber Sat 03-Dec-16 18:17:40

I'd wait too. This isn't lazyness on either your or her part and there is no real need to rush it.

Soubriquet Sat 03-Dec-16 18:22:50

I would leave it too

You and her have enough on your plates without potty training on top

elfycat Sat 03-Dec-16 18:26:19

She won't get to 18 and still need them. You've all had too much on to worry about it.

I tended to leave my DDs later and wait for them to show signs. I'd explain that 'one day' they'd do things like 'listen to their body.. and then leave it a long while before asking how they felt about it and repeating the 'one day' bit.

Waterlemon Sat 03-Dec-16 18:26:49

How was potty training going before the hospital stay?

Adoptingachild Mon 05-Dec-16 09:31:57

Prior to hospital it was that great either as she's been poorly in and off for a few years.....

Thanks for your advice/reassurance - I think I'll wait a little longer and in the summer really really push it - she will be nearly 6 then........


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DailyMailCrap Mon 05-Dec-16 09:33:46

Try the Princess Potty book when she's better.

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