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Ds weeing everywhere after being potty trained for months

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Greydays Thu 01-Dec-16 19:40:46

Hi if abyone has any advice it would be appreciated so much,my ds2.9 is potty trained fully in the day, has been for around 4 months and havent used pull ups for approximately 2 months, hes done so well, he is very forward for his age, so i wasnt surprised he grasped it so easily, but the last week he has weed himself 3 times and weed on his bed which i believe to have been on purpose, because i wanted a quick shower on my own, i had checked he didnt need a wee, he said no, he had only had one maybe 10 mins before coming upstairs, put one foot in shower he shouts 'ive just weed on my bed ha' hence why i think it wasnt an accident, so stripped bed off, cleaned what i could went and got back in shower (mad) he shouts im weeing on the carpet, i dash out grab potty for him as soon as i got to him he weed on carpet angry he weed on the rug in living room because i was on the phone, another time he jumped up from playing and said i need a wee and stood and weed,twice now hes weed on the sofa. After having the cushion propped up on a radiator drying most of yesterday he did it again tonight angry asked him why? he said he wanted to the sofa is his toilet now angry its driving me mad, i am with him all nearly all the time,he seems to be doing it when i leave him for few minutes for example tonights wee on the sofa was when i popped into the kitchen to pop something in the oven, a lessthan 5 minute job, whyyyyyyyyy??? Could it all be accidents? Altho i honestly dont think they are, what xan i do to stop it? Any advice more than welcome sorry for the long post

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