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Night-time alarm recommendations

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SauvignonPlonker Sun 27-Nov-16 20:25:27

DS is nearly 8 & has never been dry at night, ever.

We are attending the eneuresis clinic & not finding it very helpful.

Thought we might buy an alarm (new or 2nd hand) but thought I'd ask which ones people found helpful.

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hungryheidi Mon 28-Nov-16 16:38:50

My DD is 6 and also had never had a dry night. Someone lent us the Sleeper excel alarm by Anzacare, which has worked a treat. We've been using it for about 5 weeks and she is now wet only very occasionally (and the alarm then wakes her up). Also recommend the book 'Seven Steps to Nighttime Dryness' by Renee Mercer, which would be good before buying the alarm as she gives advice on different types of alarms available. Good luck!

SauvignonPlonker Mon 28-Nov-16 19:22:32

That's great, thanks. Will look it up. There's so many on the market, I'm not sure where to start.

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hungryheidi Tue 29-Nov-16 06:40:11

Yes, it's a bit confusing! The book can help you decide though, as it goes through each type of alarm explaining the pros and cons. I'm quite glad I knew someone who could lend us one so I didn't have to decide on a type myself! Apparently the success rate of using alarms is quite high though, so definitely worth a go!

MoreProseccoNow Thu 29-Dec-16 15:16:19

We ended up buying a Wetstop alarm from eBay, used it for the 1st time last night. It did wake DS up but he just switched it off & peed in his nappy. I didn't hear the alarm downstairs. Urgh, was hoping this would be our breakthrough.

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