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Re-usable night nappies

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yummycake123 Mon 21-Nov-16 08:19:05

My DS (3.5) is potty trained but still has some accidents at night. I don't want to buy more pull-ups for the night because 80% of the time he's dry so we end up wasting a lot. Can you recommend some reusable nappies for toddlers? I've seen a few online but would prefer having some recommendations. Thanks.

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CatWithKittens Mon 21-Nov-16 11:22:52

I think it will depend what you have been using so far. We always used Terries and if you have been doing that you may like to know that you can buy 67 and 75 cm squares to replace the normal 60cm size. The increase does not sound much but (a) it adds quite a bit to the total area available to absorb (b) gives more at the sides for a side sleeper and (c) they tend to be made of thicker toweling in any event. Can't help with any other sort I'm afraid.

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