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2.10 y.o constant regressions

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Equimum Tue 08-Nov-16 19:04:55

DS potty trained if his own accord when he was about 2.7. By the time he started nursery at 2.9, he was very reliable with only very occasional accidents. Since he turned 3 though, we seem to keep going through constant regressions. He's been great for about two months, but the lat three weeks, he's had an accident everyday at nursery and keeps getting to the toilet too late at home. When he does get there, he doesn't seem to bother aiming, even if we are standing right beside him, reminding him. He has never been bothered about being wet, and usually just tells me he's wee'd in his clothes/ on the floor and says 'never mind, it was an accident'.

I feel at my wits ends. We get through multiple pairs of pants/ trousers, I'm forever cleaning the bathroom floor and nothing seems to improve the situation. We have tried both immediate rewards and longer term ones, but he just accepts that he won't get whatever and just says, 'maybe next time'. I feel that the encouraging, accepting words of early potty training are now being used to excuse his behaviour.

He does know he needs to go, and the doctors say he doesn't have an infection. We have tried regular prompting etc, but he gets very angry and will deny needing to go even if hopping!

Does anyone have any ideas, please?

Equimum Tue 08-Nov-16 19:22:28

Title should read 3.10

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