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Potty Training a 3.5yr old...HELP

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Lizi192 Tue 08-Nov-16 09:53:27

Basically my daughter was a rather poorly toddler so potty training came late but ive been trying for the past 6 month and shes so lazy!

She knows that she should go to potty/toilet but she doesnt, i frequently take her to the toilet she gets lots of praise and reward when shes done something. but i feel im in a rut of repeatedly asking and taking her. she never tells me, after 6 months of training shouldnt it have clicked by now?

Any advice please?

jingscrivvens Thu 10-Nov-16 10:58:58

I feel the same! All of DS's friends are potty trained and DS knows when to go and how to use the potty but he just won't. I get really upset by it all, nursery tell me that he'll do it when he's ready but I just can't see the day coming. We're going to have yet another weekend this weekend in just pants and see how we go. I know folk say he'll not be in nappies when he's 16 but at the moment I am not so sure!

Lizi192 Thu 10-Nov-16 11:13:46

My daughter will only use toilet/potty if i put her there (if she needs to go) she never goes on her own accord or tells me she needs to go. Ive been doing the training for 6 months and it just hasnt clicked with her. I dont understand why. She knows she needs to go potty she just doesnt. Its really frustrating if im honest.

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