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4 year old keeps pooping pants

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Shaunagraham24 Sun 16-Oct-16 14:55:26

Im at a loss my on is 4 and half years old he started reception class over a month ago the problem is he keeps pooping and sitting in it doesnt seem to care ive tried sticker charts etc he doing it at school and the teachers seem frustrated im at a loss at what to do

SheepyFun Sun 16-Oct-16 15:04:45

That doesn't sound great. We had a similar issue with my DD - started potty training at 2.5, soon got the hang of weeing, but would hide and poo in her pants. This went on for a full year... What helped for us was she and I went out together and bought 5 very cheap 'poo toys'. She would get one each time she pooed on the potty/toilet. We talked about them regularly, and get them down to touch about once a week. It took another couple of months before she got it (and when she regressed, we took one toy away each time she pooed in her pants). Now (3 months later) she's accident free, except when unwell. The idea behind the toys was that they were concrete and real - star charts which lead up to a reward may not work because the child isn't sure the reward is real. Have you tried something similar?

Shaunagraham24 Sun 16-Oct-16 15:12:24

Ive not tried the toy thing no but he does get prizes for doing like a full week no accidents but now hes doing it at school and teachers are getting frustrated they know im concerned about it but i feel the judging like friday be bitten another child i was so shocked as hes never done anything like that it makes me panic what the school think im so lost sad

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