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Nailed the wees but nowhere near with the poos!

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Taler Fri 14-Oct-16 08:24:08

Daughter (3 next month) has been doing wees in the potty/toilet for the past few months. She may have the odd wee accident but generally has nailed that. The poos are a whole other story!

When we first tried potty training approx 5 months ago (she was showing all the signs) she just withheld her poo for 4/5 days and as such was lathargic and grumpy. So we decided not to proceed.

The second time was a success pretty much straight away with her wees but again she withheld her poos.

She has a pull up on when she has her day time nap and a pull up on at night time so she subconsciously got into the habit of holding her poo until the pull up went on and that's where we've been for the past few months.

It doesn't matter how much we praise her, sing songs, do silly dances, bribe her with chocolate buttons, illegal even have a little bucket with a load of toys that I keep showing her, telling her she can choose one if she does a poo on the potty. But, not interested.

Where do we go from here??

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