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shortest ever attempt- feeling pathetic

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Hallloumi Sat 08-Oct-16 22:17:46

So we started this morning. DD is nearly 27 months and occasionally pees in potty and does poos once a day always after a meal. Plan was to go cold turkey so potty offered and pants put on once she woke up. Immediately refused to sit on potty despite usually being happy enough to. Then in 2 hours 2 poos in pants and 6 other pees in pants. Never asked for potty and refused to sit on it. Meanwhile immediate regression of behaviour- saying 'I'm a baby, feed me, feed me mummies milk' (not BF for 18 months, no younger siblings). Then got really upset cried for nappies so I gave up. Once nappy back on happy to sit on potty and managed a few successful pees though nappy still wet.

Did I give up to soon- too late now I know?
Is she really not ready?
Is this the most pathetic attempt ever?

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NoTractorsAtTheTable Sat 08-Oct-16 22:22:54

Sounds like she's just not quite ready yet - but that can all change quite quickly. I'm sure you're not, but don't make a deal of it - we had a similar thing with DD at that age. She wasn't ready one month, and by the end of the next one, she was actively asking for the potty. Potty training after that took less than a week - she just wasn't ready before then.

Mildred007 Sat 08-Oct-16 22:24:23

Leave it for a bit and try again.
Have potty trained 3dd and each managed differently & at different ages.
My 3yo dd is currently toilet trained during day but still in pull ups for night time & won't poo on the toilet/potty just does it in her knickers. Have promised reward if she can do poos on toilet for weeks - finally managed twice on loo this week hooray haha. Not experienced these problems with my other dds & has worried me as dd3 starts school next Sept! It will come...confused

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