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Night time dryness

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Summer70 Sat 08-Oct-16 07:16:45

Hello mums,

Thanks in anticipation of your advice! My ds is 4. Dry in the day since 2.5 but still fills a nappy with wee every night. Trouble is that it now leaks at any time from 5.30 am, the point at which he does a huge wee. This means he is awake from that point which is too soon for him (& us) & results in a tired day at school. We've tried various nappy options. Should we bite the bullet & remove nappies & hope he gets it? (feel a bit sceptical about this) or just keep plodding on until he's ready. Any advice or experience greatly accepted!

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Tiredandtorn Sat 22-Oct-16 10:16:43

Watching this with interest. My ds is the same age and same situation, although he Doesn't wake up, just has a really full pull up every morning. At his age, I'm thinking he should be dry at night by now, but he's never had a dry pull up in the morning. He's a very deep sleeper (12-14 undisturbed hours every night) so I'm wondering if he's not ready yet. But, if he's a deep sleeper, won't he always be that way? Don't know weather to leave it a de more months or just try and see if he gets it?

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