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is it ok to stop for now?

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Babytalkobsession Sun 02-Oct-16 07:40:41


Hoping for some advise please. Started potty training DS about 3 weeks ago after he initiated it (he's 2 & 10 months).

Day 1 was 1 accident so we thought he was ready. He can tell us when he needs to go (but often doesn't), do his own trousers & pants and can go a good few hours without needing a wee. Poos are a different story, he was saving them for bedtime nappy or having poo accidents.

But 3 weeks in he's having at about 3 accidents a day (with the odd better day). He often refuses potty / toilet or is adamant he doesn't need a wee but then has a accident straight away. We're away this week and he had 2 accidents before 10am yesterday. he seemed a bit upset and said 'I'm not naughty mummy'. This broke my heart a bit as I've been trying to keep it light hearted. I don't want the whole thing to become negative & stressful for him.

We asked if he'd prefer to wear a nappy and he said yes. So we did. Thinking maybe a couple of weeks back in nappies and then start again?

Worried I've made a total mess of it! Has anyone done this? Would appreciate any advise.

Thank you

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instantly Sun 02-Oct-16 07:43:14

There's no such thing as making a mess of it.

If you feel better putting him back in nappies then do it, however I had a real low point with DS around the same age after three or four weeks and considered nappies again.

We pushed on and then just a week or so later it all started to click.

If he wants nappies, put one on, but you could use them as a breather couple of days and then try again. I'd take my lead from DS.

Babytalkobsession Sun 02-Oct-16 08:29:50

Thanks for your reply, it's really helpful. We'll follow his lead. Could perhaps be being on holiday it's all a bit much for him, new place, new bed etc plus being tired and over excited!

Hopefully after the holiday we can reset and try again!

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ArriettyMatilda Mon 03-Oct-16 16:38:10

Sorry to hijack, really wishing we could go back to nappies. Dd has been potty training for about two months now and I still having accidents a few times a week, sometimes two a day, especially out and about. I've tried putting her back in nappies but she just takes them off and say she doesn't wear them anymore sad

murphy36 Wed 26-Oct-16 14:30:35

DS, 3 has been using the potty and toilet for wees when promoted for few months. I'm now on the 3rd day of potty training of pants only. So far telling me about poos in time to get to the potty. Wees are either promoted by me or he does a bit in his pants and finishes in the potty. Twice a day he has a full on wetting himself while playing. It's more accidents than successes. Even though he's 3 I wonder if it's too early for him to feel the urge

NoCapes Wed 26-Oct-16 14:34:55

No he definitely doesn't sound ready to me
Him feeling that having an accident is being naughty is quite worrying, he can't control it yet, yet knows that he should - this could cause some problems with withholding wees or poos and obviously it may cause him to become anxious about the whole thing
I say give up and revisit in a month or 2

StarUtopia Wed 26-Oct-16 14:41:47

He often refuses potty / toilet or is adamant he doesn't need a wee but then has a accident straight away.

But if you know deep down he really does need a wee, whack him on the potty anyway!

Personally, I think he does sound ready. Are you ready? ! Lighthearted q.

Maybe you could use a pull up if you're going out and about, but I would still continue. He's nearly 3. I think you are going backwards if you reintroduce nappies if I'm honest.

Highly recommend a portable potty like this too - best £7 I've ever spent!

I would just ask him more frequently and insist he goes even if he says he's fine. And then only go out/leave the house if he's just had a big wee!

Ratbagcatbag Wed 26-Oct-16 14:44:33

Dd showed all the signs of being ready and it was a nightmare. She could say when she wanted to go but in summer she just didn't want to stop playing and we had loads of accidents.
We just stuck her back in nappies for a couple of months. She was ready when it suited her and was pretty much accident free within a couple of days.
You haven't made a mess of anything, honestly, there are so many factors in when they are ready so please don't worry.

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