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Vibrating reminder watch for 5 year old

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SearchingforSleep Wed 28-Sep-16 22:24:59

I'm about to buy a vibrating reminder watch from the ERIC website for my 5 year old. Never been dry and now struggling at school with accidents. DC often doesn't feel when the bladder is full - hence the accidents.

Has anyone used one of these reminder watches for a young child and is there a specific one you would recommend? There are 4 on the website but it's not hugely clear what the differences are.

soupmaker Thu 29-Sep-16 17:27:10

Hi Searching. Yes, we've used a vibrating watch for DD1. It did really help. I had it organised so that it went off 5 minutes before each break of the day so DD1 went to the toilet before the rush and before she was outside playing.

We started off with a Rodger which got waterlogged! And then had a Vibralight Mini, which DD1 preferred. Both took ages to set up. The Vibralight can be locked which helps a lot. DD1 would fiddle with the Rodger and the settings would be lost.

Good luck.

SearchingforSleep Thu 29-Sep-16 21:33:30

Thank you so much Soupmaker - really appreciate the advice and feedback. flowers It's really tough for them isn't it? Hope things have got easier for your DD now.

soupmaker Thu 29-Sep-16 22:25:24

Yes. Our DD1 is now 8 and is much better. She doesn't have a watch now to remind her as she manages much better. The solution was medication, and her growing older and developing. I can recall the hell that was the first 3 years of school though. Wet pants most days. It does get better.

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