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7 year old boy bedwetting

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user1474223786 Mon 19-Sep-16 21:52:26

hi all. my boy has never been dry at night. I took him to the Dr's who refered him to the enurisis (sp?!) clinic, about 3 months later the school nurse (of all people) called me to say it had been passed to her, I did question why she was dealing with a non school issue...long story...anyway, without seeing him she decided he was terribly constipated and must go through the horrors of decompaction which is basically enough laxative to make him poop water and without control. Don't panic, I refused such a silly idea. my boy (TMI) poo's every other day, he's not constipated at all. I refused her idea as my boy is a skinny thing, I wouldnt risk him loosing weight as he's on the lower percentile anyway. So I went back to the dr, who still said "well maybe he is, how long do you sit on the toilet little man?" now...anyone with a child is well aware that 10 minutes sat still to a boy is an eternity. So when he said "oh HOURS" the dr totally ignored me, said "yup, constipated, give him this" I actually wanted to cry! I told her there is no way he is constipated, and certainly not for all of his 7 years, so when will you accept he is not bunged up and help him? 3 weeks time she says, but she wanted me to give him movicol...fine...I have given him 1 packet a day for 3 days and he went really loose so i stopped. we are back tomorrow at the drs, oh joy of joy! tonight however he broke my heart. so he wet the bed, poor thing only woke up because the doorbell went, realised he was wet and tried to hide it. i spotted it when i went to tuck him back in and said not to worry, i'll sort it now and he broke down into tears "whats wrong with me, why am i broken, i hate myself" etc. I actually wanted to cry, poor mite. this doctor had better pull her finger out and help my boy because i won't be fobbed off again!!! angry he was born with a stomach issue and every remote stomach bug etc since has been blamed on that even though he had the op at 6 weeks to resolve it. makes me so mad!!! like its the easy fob off answer.

any one else had/having these issues? or any tips to share? I'd be really greatful to hear from you. When i say bed wetting, i mean he wears night time pull ups, and it STILL going through them. each morning those nappies are soaked.

fartlek Tue 04-Oct-16 13:43:48

Hi OP,

Just wanted to say that my DS is six and he often wets through his pull up. We try to make sure he does a pee before he goes to bed but he doesn't drink much water through the day and then gets thirsty at night so will drink more in the evening, which doesn't help. I've heard that getting them to drink more during the day can help as it stretches their bladder so that they can hold more at night. We have not been terribly successful with this.
I have been toying with the idea of going to a doctor but don't want to make DS feel like there's something wrong. I'm so sorry your boy is upset about this as it's not his fault. I really feel for you and the run-a-round you've been getting with doctors. Could you press for a referral to a consultant? Would that even help I wonder?
How long has this been going on? Increased urination can be a sign of diabetes but he would probably also feel very unwell and be very thirsty.
I don't have any advice otherwise as it's a tricky one but wanted to bump the thread and see if anyone else has any ideas?

p.s. TMI - DS is regular as clockwork with no.2 and sometimes goes twice a day so it is definitely NOT constipation.

Buttonmoon54 Tue 25-Oct-16 23:25:56

Hi, my ds is 6 nearly 7 and he still wets every night. It's horrible. We have been to the Dr's and they sent him for tests which all came back normal. They have said we could try tablet's but I'm not sure I'm really ok with that. The next step is a bed wetting alarm. The problem is he's such a heavy sleeper. Nothing and I mean nothing wakes him. Talking to my MIL all but 1 of my husbands 4 sibling and himself wet the bed into their teens. My daughter who is 2.5 is showing signs of being the same. Sorry I can't be much help but I just wanted you to know your not alone

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