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Won't wear nappies, doesn't use the potty/toilet

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BookTart Wed 21-Sep-16 21:08:33

That all sounds promising! Fingers crossed my one gets the memo soon too!

ArriettyMatilda Wed 21-Sep-16 21:04:06

Dd has suddenly cut down to only weeing four times a day, but in the last couple of days she is actually asking to go! I've really tried to back off with asking her if she needs to go or trying to make her sit on if she hasn't been for a while. I've started saying your potty is here if you need a wee. Usually she says "I don't need a wee", buy a few minutes later she'll go over saying I need a wee now. Feel like we've turned a corner aside from the wee in the bath tonight, but it's OK because I washed it off mummy, hope your situation improves too BookTart.

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BookTart Wed 21-Sep-16 20:54:32

I'm no help but my 2.9 yo DD is doing exactly this. 6 weeks ago we started potty training (because she asked to!) and we had 2 weeks of great success, then two weeks of being upset about poo, and we are now two weeks into just peeing and pooing wherever she is. She has now gone 3 days without a poo, whereas she was a 3-4 dirty nappies a day girl before.

This doesn't happen at nursery though, she takes herself there apparently. For the last three days I've put a nappy on her, but when given the choice she always wants to wear knickers - she just doesn't want to use the potty or toilet. Hopefully someone helpful will save us soon!

ArriettyMatilda Mon 19-Sep-16 08:07:33

Dd is 2.9 years old. She has been wearing knickers for six weeks and is still having accidents and not always attempting to take herself to toilet. About three weeks ago I tried to put a nappy on and eventually got one on, which twenty minutes later she took off saying she doesn't wear them anymore. She refused to wear a nappy for naps or night time about 5 weeks ago and just doesn't wee when sleeping or at night in general. She will ask to do a poo most of the time or does one when I sit her on after some accidents, so I did think some of them may be linked to this. What would you do?

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