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marmalade999 Sun 11-Sep-16 20:11:23

Can anyone advise on the whole poo thing? Lo is 2yr 7m we have wee's sorted (apart from when at nursery!) Buy he refuses to poo in the toilet. He gets upset get had poo's Pants/pullups but still does it.


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dodi1978 Sat 17-Sep-16 22:03:28

Sorry, can't help except with sympathies.

My DS is 3 years and a month and is exactly the same... wees fine, poos a disaster. When I ask him "Where does the poo go", he dutifully says "In the toilet or in the potty", but does them in his pants nonetheless.

We are trying a new line of attack next week. Reward chart. First level will be one poo in the potty / toilet and he will get a surprise egg. Then three poos in the toilet / potty and he will get a slightly bigger prize. The main prize will be for five poos in toilet / potty.

The secret is that the prizes will be displayed on a bookshelf or something... so he will be able to see them. One of the nursery nurses suggested that this has helped some kids, as the concept of "you'll get a present if you do x/y is too abstract for them if they can't actually see it.

Let me know how you are getting on...

Mingdog99 Wed 21-Sep-16 13:41:45

My DS will be four in four months, he is fine with wees but not with poos, although he does understand the concept and knows they are meant to go in the potty... We nearly got there on holiday but then he returned to pre school and we have taken several backward steps. Essentially, his poo was hard when we were away and he knew he needed to go and we had several in the potty but it has gone quite loose again so a, he doesn't really recognise he needs to go and b, he can't seem to push it out. I have heard that this may be constipation and that the mush is the poo coming around the outside of a harder poo which is stuck. He has been on movicol for a week now but that has made zero discernible difference and so I really have no idea. He had a poo sample sent off by the dr and it came back normal.

He is a bright little boy, well coordinated and developing well. I just want to help him but I admit I am getting little stressed!


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