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How to handle this?

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Highlove Wed 07-Sep-16 01:27:12

My 2.6yo has been potty trained - led entirely by her - for a few months. Wee was fine very quickly but she hated pooing on the potty. Even when in nappies she'd get upset sometimes when doing a poo but going on the potty took it a whole new level and withholding for days on end. With the help of lactulose, chocolate buttons and a lot of patience we made good progress and though it still caused uoset, she was doing a softish poo on the potty each day.

Then a week ago she woke up with a massive poo in her nappy. And since then she's done a poo most nap times and also overnight. Basically whenever she's got a nappy on. In the past when it was clear she needed to go I'd offered her a nappy but she always said no.

Anyway, how do I handle this, given she's already 'sensitive' about pooing? I'm inclined to ignore altogether, though I'm pretty sure she's making a conscious decision to go in the nappy. DH thinks we should be reminding her that poos are for the potty. I think it's better than her witholding and she'll grow out of it.


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Highlove Wed 07-Sep-16 01:29:32

Ps. I've stopped giving lactulose in case that was just making them too soft for her to hold, though they didn't seem it.

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Javabeansaintgeorge Wed 07-Sep-16 13:57:07

Totally normal to use a nappy to poo, just let her do it.
You can flush to poo down the toilet if you want but honestly the phase will pass in a year or two on its own.

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