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Aiming everywhere except the potty! Help!!!!

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1fedupmama Mon 05-Sep-16 17:43:42

We have been slowly introducing the potty with my 2yo, he sits on it quite happy etc. The past few days he has woke up & demanded pants on, which I have been more than happy to do, every day he has started off great, will sit on the potty do his business (still having issues with number 2s but not too worried) but as soon as we hit the afternoon it's like he forgets how to use his potty/ the toilet & will aim at everything bar them! I know potty training doesn't happen over night but please help because I am sick of cleaning piss off my carpets, toys, pillows, even the bloody cat!!! when he hits this fettle, no amount of talking, shouting or even putting on the naughty step seems to be helping. He gets praised for using the potty, his brother even joins in (he seems to think he's cool when they go pee together! Bless him!) but even after all this, every afternoon without fail he will go back to peeing anywhere & everywhere bar the potty!

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