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Don't know what to do any more, please help

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Yorkie78 Mon 05-Sep-16 14:03:04

I am despairing. We don't know what to do.
Beginning of March our daughter wanted to potty train - we tried for a few days but she wasn't ready.(2yo in March, 2.5y now)
End of June she wanted to do it so we started & wees seem to happen in the potty/toilet within a couple of weeks.
Poos seems to happen once or twice a week as proper formed poos but leaked out of her every day 8-10 pairs of pants.
We have tried charts, rewards, lots of praise, reminding her/ not reminding her, potty training books, everything you read about as helps.
Now the wees have gone back to being in her pants as she refuses to use the potty or toilet with training seat & she is withholding poos despite being on lactulose since last week.
(She has probably been semi-constipated since the end of May when she was in hospital for asthma attacks & wouldn't drink much).
I don't know what to do any more.
My husband alternates between being angry &a frustrated & vaguely helpful but forgets about what we've agreed to do.
I feel on my own &I just fed up.
She is a very strong willed little girl & v independent so I have backed off as much as possible.
I am 33 weeks pregnant & can't chase after her now as have prohibitive pelvic pain. She can see & hear I am losing my cool with her although I am trying very hard not to.
I have tried asking her if she'd like nappies again if she doesn't like the toilet/ potty at the moment but she says nappies are for babies.

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Diddlydokey Mon 05-Sep-16 14:08:10

I would put her in pull ups or nappies. Give her the option of either of those.

Wait another month or wait until your next DC is a couple of months old and try again. When they're ready, the penny just drops. We had an AWFUL first few days but then we had one accident a day for a few months and then he was fine for the most part. It shoudn't be as hard as it is, basically and it won't help anyone if you and your DP are getting frustrated, as understandable as it is.

I read something about them needing to be in a 'yes' phase and that definitely made sense for my DS.

Yorkie78 Thu 08-Sep-16 22:04:40

Thanks ever so much for replying and the support. She's back in nappies and is much happier/ more relaxed as am I. I was so worried about doing the wrong thing.

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RumAppleGinger Thu 08-Sep-16 22:12:58

Agree with just putting her back in nappies and just trying again when you're both not so anxious and frustrated by it. Took DS three attempts but by the third it just worked and there were few if any accidents.

She'll get there.

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