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please help...end of my tether!

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SnowInLove Tue 30-Aug-16 17:49:16

Dd is 4 in October and trained easily at 2.9. Totally clean and dry until april this year when she has wet herself several times a day, everyday.

She has had her utine tested 3 times and it was clear for infection and sugar each time. We've spoken to the HV team who sent a specialist nurse out. She didn't really advise anything as we're already doing everything they recommend!

I really am at the end of my tether now and am failing miserably in keeping calm about it.

Can anyone help!

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Jasonandyawegunorts Thu 01-Sep-16 17:41:28

have you checked for worms?

SnowInLove Sat 03-Sep-16 18:03:53

I've never seen any evidence so hoping not!

I'm wondering if she has an overactive bladder.

Her nursery phoned me on Thursday afternoon, concerned that she'd had 7 accidents! They wrote some timings down and there was only 5 minutes between 3 of the accidents. She then took herself to the toilet twice, 15 minutes later.

It's not like they are tiny dribbles either.

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moonmeat Sat 03-Sep-16 18:08:04

Ds went through a phase with his best friend at nursery of wetting themselves at the same time even though they were both fully potty trained, they thought it was hilarious hmm i set up a star chart and every day he was dry he got a star, at the end of the week he was allowed to choose a magazine or small toy, took three weeks and the accidents stopped.

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