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Do i keep asking....

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carmelsundae Sat 27-Aug-16 22:21:37

Bern potty training my 2.6 year old since Monday, I'm not sure if it's going well or not!! First few days he had a few small accident, would start going and I would catch him, sit him on the potty and he'd finish his pee, then since about Thursday there's been no accidents, every pee has been in the potty, but I ask him constantly if he needs to go and if he hasn't been for a while, I will sit him on the potty and usually results in him doing a pee. So he is really yet to ask to go himself. Should I stop prompting him as much and see what happens! I was off work last week and he's due back at nursery in Tuesday, I know they'll help but not have the staffing ratio to give him the attention and questioning in the house. What do I do for the next few days with him?? Help please?!
(We've not mastered poos at all, and he'll openly say to me that he's scared and will happily poo in his pants, but from lots of reading tonight, this can be quite normal so not as worried about that!)

T0ddlerSlave Sun 28-Aug-16 08:04:34

I did a couple of days telling and cajoling DD to sit on the potty, but am now determined to just remind her regularly that she hasn't been recently and ask if she thinks she needs a wee or poo.

Resulted in two avoidable accidents yesterday but I think she needs to learn to tune into her body herself and not just mindlessly follow me.

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