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Diddlyanna Sat 27-Aug-16 00:13:46

My 2.4 year old DS has no nappy on in the house and goes on his potty for a wee and a poo on his own as soon as he needs it, don't need to ask him he says potty and goes. I've obviously been reading about potty training but everything is so varied I just want to know what you did when your kids where at this stage. If he has pants on and no nappy he'll say potty but wee straight after in his pants, he knows how to pull his pants down but it's like when he has his pants on he doesn't go on the potty like he does when he is naked iykwim, and at this stage in potty training what do yous do when you are out? Wear a nappy still? Take spare pants and just change when he wees? I'm getting so many answers and so much advice just want to know what's worked for you and your children and where you went from the first stages thanks.

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