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Potty 'overuse'!

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user1471850560 Mon 22-Aug-16 09:23:07

Hi. I'm seeking advice on how I can get my son to calm down a bit on his potty use!! He's just over 3yrs and was late to start, but now he's gone OTT about going. He's been fully using the potty for about 2 weeks now. Instead of just doing an average sized wee, he will be desparate to sit on the potty for the slightest drip, and especially so at night. He's literally spending half the night getting out of his bed and sitting on it, bless him! And, if there is a teeny tiny wet patch in the pull-ups at night, he wants a new pair. Don't get me wrong, I'm super grateful that he's so contientious, however, how can I encourage him to just do a few bigger ones and not be so stressed about it?? We are currently house bound, with chicken pox, but I'm worried when we start to go out more, especially in the car that he'll want to stop every few minutes and go! smile Thanks in advance for any tips!

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