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Unexpected Potty Training

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imready Thu 18-Aug-16 20:46:28

My DD (2.2) woke up this morn and decided she was finished with nappies, there was no way I was getting a nappy on her…we have a potty which we had been introducing (leaving it in bathroom to get he used to it etc) but today she has done all wee's on it which is great.
Thing is she is pretty speech delayed so although she took herself to the potty and did really well, she has no word for wee-wee/poo and Im wondering where to go from here!
I put a nappy on her when we were out today, anyone any advice? Do I continue or wait until her speech is a bit better?!

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Jasonandyawegunorts Fri 19-Aug-16 15:17:13


Make her a card she can show you for the toilet.

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