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DD with very poor aim! & wets when hurt

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drspouse Sun 14-Aug-16 10:59:09

Now I thought this was a boy problem but we are PT our DD who is two and she is doing really well (80% of wees on the potty, if she does wet her pants now it is mainly a dribble and UHOH not a puddle) but she sprays everywhere on the potty!
She will occasionally go on the loo and is happy to sit on it but is very unreliable so much more likely to sit on, do nothing and then go on the floor anyway.
Any tips for aim in girls? It's not like you can tuck it in!
And anyone had the "wets when hurt" issue? Yesterday she fell off the swing and wet pants and shorts. This morning DS thumped her (hazards of having a big brother) but we did dash her to the potty in time.

CatsCantFlyFast Sun 14-Aug-16 11:01:06

We find leaning forwards helps with the spray, and legs closer together.

DD also had two accidents when we were having a stern word with her so I think a similar loss of control when upset? Nothing to be concerned about I'd say

drspouse Sun 14-Aug-16 11:09:18

Ok I will try and pull her forward a bit! She's happy to sit but pretty fidgety so we'll have to try and get her to stick to one position.

She tends to cry over the least thing and we started off with a puddle over most things but it's at least once a day now so it would be nice to find some way to help her. Bad enough if she's hurt anyway but worse for her if she's wet too!
On the plus side we can say "stay dry now in the car/buggy" and she will for at least an hour. So she's pretty good at holding in when not distracted.

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