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Wee bit of advice

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Chrissiechatters Sun 31-Jul-16 13:18:51

Started potty training my 2 yr 10 month old.about 4 weeks ago. He was doing great with the wees and was dry day and night for ages. Pooping well that was another story but I know that can take a while so just carried on.

Now over the last few days he's taken a step backwards, weeing and having accidents. Still pooping in pants or pull ups.

Should I stop for a while and go back to nappies and try again after his birthday in September..?

SeashellHoarder Sun 31-Jul-16 14:13:48

Has anything changed in the last few days, have he been really busy for example?
If he's been dry for wees for 3.5 weeks, I'd persevere, he's obviously knows how to do it. IME you often have a few accidents at the beginning.
Hold you nerve!

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