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Is he showing signs of being ready?

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MrsTatum1980 Wed 20-Jul-16 21:31:02

Every says that boys tend to potty train later so I'm in no rush but lately I'm wondering whether to give it a go this summer!

DS is 22 months and recently during naked running around time after his bath he's done a wee. Before he does this he holds onto his 'willy' and shouts for me to watch him! He's done this on the floor but I've made a big fuss of him and told him well
done! He also started to disappear off to a corner to poo in his nappy and if I suspect and ask 'are you doing a poo?' He tells me yes. I wasn't planning on potty training yet but should I get the potty out and start whilst the weather is good and see how it goes?

Are there any other signs I should look for with boys? I only have a DD so not sure how different it is!

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