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Potty training on holiday - am I being silly?

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nappiesbegone Mon 18-Jul-16 09:00:46

We're spending two weeks at my DM's house in August and I'm thinking of taking advantage of the extra pairs of hands to potty train DD (2.6). At the moment I have a Velcro baby aged 5 months who likes to be worn in a sling a lot which would make training her on my own a bit of struggle (and DH works all day).

DD loves granny's house and there's a nice big garden for her to run around in nappyless there. I wasn't planning on doing outings whilst we're there so we could stay at home whilst she gets the hang of it.

Would she regress though when we came home?

I just need to give it a crack with some moral support nearby. If it doesn't work out we'll drop it and try again in a few weeks.

But would I be mad to just give it a go whilst there?

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