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Nighttime training

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Unicorn1981 Fri 08-Jul-16 09:23:09

Hi we recently potty trained our 3 yr and 4 month old. She took ages and it was a really hard slog. She still gets funny about pooing in the potty but we're getting there. When she first started doing well she was waking up and pulling her (dry) pull up down and doing a morning wee on the potty in her bedroom. Also doing a wee just before she went to sleep and sometimes getting out of bed to do one. We kept the pull up on anyway as we were worried if we took it off too soon it would be too much. She is now waking up with a full pull up and when asked to go on potty in morning she says she's already done it in her nappy. I'm worried we've messed it up and should've taken it off earlier. Also please could you recommend a good waterproof mattress protector? We are also in the middle of a house move to another city so I know she could regress altogether.

come2chat Mon 11-Jul-16 01:43:59

I have heard that night time training is a lot harder than day time training. If she is off nappies throughout the day, i wouldn't worry too much about night time nappies, especially if you're moving house. She'll get there in her own time. The fact she has woken up with dry nappies before, maybe she was just having an off few days with her wet ones. Currently we are using the Clevamama 70 x 140 ClevaBed CotBed Mattress Protector - Fitted we bought from Amazon. No complaints or leakage.

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