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Help with out the house and an independent girl

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laulea82 Wed 06-Jul-16 14:22:55

My dd is 2y 9m. She has been using the potty and toilet intermittently for about 6 months. Her interest in it peaked about 3 weeks ago and now only has the odd accident during the day in the house. She has never told us she needs the toilet - she just goes on her own and doesn't even tell us. She's the type of girl who will generally only do something when it's her idea (we call her a diva).
When out the house she will not ask for the toilet and ignores prompts to go. How do I get her to tell me she needs to go??? She definitely knows she needs it.
At nursery they take her every hour or so and she is hit and miss there having good and bad days.
She's at nursery two days a week until I return to work next month (on Mat leave).
Any tips gratefully received.

Millie2013 Fri 08-Jul-16 17:45:45

We've got a potette for out and about and call it the "magic potty". I take DD to the loo when I go and we have a weeing race (her on the potette) grinbut she's using the toilet more and more now, about a month in

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