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17 month old

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Tootsieglitterballs Sat 25-Jun-16 16:46:39

Hi all,

Today our just 17 month old told me he needed he wee, and we took him to the potty, he sat on it and did a wee.

He has been telling us for a few weeks when he needed his nappy changing, and for the last couple of days it appears he has been telling us before he's done wee that he needs one as when we have gone to check/change him, he hasn't done anything yet. In hindsight we should have tried to sit him on the potty when we realised that.

I'm aware that this is very early for potty training, and that most boys aren't ready yet, but we are prepared to take his lead with this - it may lead to nothing yet, he may just not be ready!

Anyhow, what would your next steps be?


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SuperSange Sun 26-Jun-16 06:24:52

I'd just take his lead for a bit; if he asks, take him; if not, don't push it. It's working for us so far.

CatsCantFlyFast Sun 26-Jun-16 06:49:24

I'd try and capitalise on this to be honest - a few months down the line and his interest in telling you or in using the potty might disappear for a while.
The best technique for us so far has been total cold turkey - nappy off and mostly naked or just pants in the house and potty in most rooms

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