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2 yr old goes to toilet great when not wearing clothes BUT

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shortbreadsharon Fri 24-Jun-16 13:49:53

My ds goes to the toilet, stands and pees and gives a little shake just like daddy or sits great and poos as long as he is running around naked from the waist down. However its once we have clothes on him that the problems start. He wont even make an attempt to go to the toilet and though i take him every 5 minutes and ask in between he tells me no, waits on me turning my back and does it. He cant get the trousers or pants down and won't attempt to learn and I'm running out of ideas.

We go on holiday in a couple of weeks and I don't want to put him back in pull ups as one, I feel that's where the damage started as he knew he was okay to do that and two, he starts nursery in August.

I've thought of sewing some kind of long tabs at the side of his clothes to help him pull them down but its still not solving the issue of him just doing it with clothes on. I'm grateful for any advice smile

ComputerBlue Mon 27-Jun-16 12:25:48

I would try with just pants on when you are around the house, no trousers, you want some fairly loose fitting pants that he can easily pull up and down, if you can get some with his favourite cartoon character etc on even better, hopefully you may be able to encourage him to want to keep them dry. It sounds like he is doing really really well so I am sure he will get the hang of it fairly soon!

Bejeena Mon 18-Jul-16 06:05:23

From experience I think he isn't fully ready and you are best off going back to nappies. We had this with our son about 6 months back or more, absolutely no accidents at with no bottoms on but loads with clothes on. However I kicked my heels and insisted on forcing the issue as I wanted him dry but it caused us both nothing but stress and us pestering him all the time to go was affecting his behaviour.

In the end we went back to nappies and let him decide when he wanted to wear pants and he did. It all went a lot smoother. At 2 he us still only small so relax a bit about it all, go back to nappies and enjoy the holiday

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